De mondharmonica in Nederland 1947-2002

Mondharmonica's + CD's

'De mondharmonica in Nederland 1947-2002'

CD 1

Rapidos: Chattenooga choo choo
Novelty Trio: Janine
Seagull: Misty
Jan v.d. Nent: ballscene
Larrysons: My blue heaven
BleuSharp: Juke
Trinity: Memory
The Snapshots: Swingers boogie
Nameless Harmonica Trio: Out of nowhere
Carré: Schikgodinnen 1 'Clotho'
Bas van Toor: Route 66
The Harmonica Players: La cumparsita
Family Trio: El condor paso
Piet Moerer: Latin quarter
The Blue Cats: Just a ragtime
Max Geldray: Max's blues
The Spots: Gypsy carnaval
John Larryson: Fascination
Jan Vuik: Winky dolls
Vineta's: kleine swengklenks
Johan Faber: In the mood
Relda Trio: Wynland seties
Fata Morgana: Tell her about it

CD 2

The Multicats: On a slow boat to china
The Philharmonicas: St. Louis blues
The 5 Hotcha's: Peurto del sol
Dixy trio: Noche estrellas
Tobi Rix: I'm getting sentinmental over you/Sweet sue
The Jowico's: Medley
The Ragsons: Case le stomp
Trio Wim Dijkgraaf: Blue moon
Hammie van Hall: Hammie's boogie
Hotcha Trio: Biba cha cha
Freek Schenk: There's no greater love
De Chromata's: Undecided
The Chromonicats: Soony dog
The Reillysons: Da capo
The 3 Adlers: Victory rag
The Dandy's: Hit medley
Mona Trio: Tramline boogie
Rhythm Trio: Once upon a time in the west
Skyblazers: Wusselkopf
Cadence: Why God why
The Oldtimers: I'm getting sentimental over you
Hermine Deurloo: Dat mistige rooie beest
Rob Janssen: Nature boy